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One little girl making a big impact

Help us help Tori's parents carry out their daughters legacy by donating her "mascot", a giraffe, in her honor! These will add to her growing collection to benefit the American Hockey League's Hershey Bears annual "Teddy Bear Toss", which donates tens of thousands of stuffed animals to local charities including  Milton Hershey School and Children's Miracle Network.


Tori (Victoria) Brackbill was diagnosed with Krabbe Leukodystrophy (a terminal genetic disease) at 6.5 months of age. After fourteen months of battling this horrible disease, she went to Heaven on March 27, 2016 at 20 months of age. Had she been screened for Krabbe at birth (as part of the Newborn Screening each baby in the U.S. already received), she could have been treated.


Tori's parents have worked tirelessly to create a legacy for their daughter and use her tragedy to better the world for future families. Tori's mother, Lesa, has fought for four years to have Krabbe be included on the Newborn Screenings in Pennsylvania and they are currently trying to get HB730 passed in the state legislature. Lesa is also the author of Even So, Joy: Our Journey Through Heartbreak, Hope, and Triumph and writes regularly at

In honor of what would be their daughters 5th birthday, Tori's parents are organizing something extra special to gift other families and we need your help with it!


While Tori was alive, her "mascot" became the giraffe because her favorite one was always in pictures with her. During her fight to live, and after her death, she was sent over 200 stuffed giraffes from around the world. Those giraffes surrounded the stage at her Celebration of Life and brought joy to all 450 people in attendance.


Last year, Tori's parents figured out what they wanted to do with 109 of those giraffes: they wanted to spread joy in her name, so they donated them to local hospitals through the Hershey Bears' annual Teddy Bear Toss. At this game, when the Bears score their first goal, everyone throws new stuffed animals onto the ice to then be collected, counted, then donatedto nearly 40 local organizations including schools, food banks, churches, lions clubs, as well as Milton Hershey SchoolChildren's Miracle NetworkThe Vista School, Cocoa Packs and American Cancer Society. Last year the Bears set a world record with 34,798 stuffed animals! Check out the 1 min recap here.


Tori would have turned five this July, so in honor of her fifth birthday her parents are collecting new stuffed giraffes - with a goal of 500 - to toss at the Teddy Bear Toss. So far, 200 have been collected. The game is December 1st, so we still have some time to help. 

Our Baby's Legacy proudly supports the Brackbill family in their mission and we are asking our community to sponsor a giraffe for Tori!

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We want to help spread the word and make more giraffe donations possible. That is why for Tori's legacy, we are offering a special price for these precious Giraffe Stuffed Animal, and covering the shipping costs also! By your purchase of one today, you will be funding a sweet giraffe to be sent to the Brackbill family, which will then be included in the 2019 Teddy Bear toss. Your $20 donation will not only help this bereaved family reach this special goal they have set to honor their baby girl who has gone too soon. It also supports the many organizations that will receive these adorable giraffes and place them in the arms of children, thus bringing joy in Tori's name. Your donation will make a massive impact!

Thank you for being part of this!

Click the photo of the giraffe below to send one to Tori!

*To be clear, you will not receive this giraffe with this purchase. After your purchase today, it will be sent to Tori's family to be donated the Teddy Bear Toss on December 1st 2019.

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Not able to fund a giraffe but want to donate in any amount?

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