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"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." - Helen Keller


Our private facebook group is unique to the usual support groups for loss. Yes it is a safe place to brag about our babes beautiful pictures and share our vulnerable thoughts and frustrations. 
It is also a place to be proactive in the loss community. We welcome you to share your blog posts about your angel and your therapeutically crafted etsy items. Here you may see another family using the weighted stuffed animal you funded in honor of your own babe, and you'll get ideas of how you can incorporate yours to represent your child in your own family pictures. We share stories of the impact your involvement and donations make on families by having access to the Cuddle Cot and other tools we offer.
This group is open to any parent or loved one that is bereaved and looking for support.

Image by Con Karampelas


You will benefit from several unique things from our facebook page. Of course you'll be updated on upcoming events and special ways to be involved and give back, as well as find beautiful quotes that you can relate to and feel sane. We also share content and graphics to uplift you and encourage growth and healing while moving forward. Consider it counseling at your finger tips.

Another special feature to our content is that we often feature your own words! We often contact our facebook group members and donors for permission to feature their stories and photos on our public page. Just another way to see your baby's name, such a special thing.

Just as important as the above, we share content like graphics and blog posts to help those on the outside of loss, understand what we go through and how to help us. Follow us on social media and when the right material crosses your feed, share it with someone that  you want to hear the message. Let us put words to what you're feeling.

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On Instagram you'll get all the beautiful content described on the latter, our Facebook page. Follow our handle to be inspired and comforted by the beautiful graphic and quotes. Let the hashtags lead you from topic to topic as you allow words and images to be your therapy. 
Help us grow and reach more families of loss by sharing our content. We would love to connect with you and support to your posts too so feel free to tag us.

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Check out our Instagram feed below.

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