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This Cuddle Cot was donated in honor of the children of "Family Group Two",

 to Carroll Hospital, Westminster MD.

Family Group Two Honors:

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Jordan and Jessica Smith are the parents to four babies in heaven, gone before they ever got to see or hold them. The Smith’s road to growing their family has been long and hard, but they take comfort in knowing they will meet their babies someday and await the day when Jesus reunites them all together. Their grief is eased, only by their hope in Christ and the future He promises. Jordan and Jessica now have a son, Paden, with whom they often talk of his older siblings in heaven.
“While we were not able to use a Cuddle Cot for our babies, we both deeply appreciate the gift of extra time that a Cuddle Cot gives families going through loss and are so grateful to be able to honor our babies’ legacies in this way.” - Jessica and Jordan Smith



Son to Clark and Sarah Adams, Davin was born into heaven on August 1st, and into his parents arm the following day in Lancaster Pa. They had the privilege of having use of a Cuddle Cot at their hospital and spent 3 full days with their baby boy. A year later they founded Our Baby's Legacy and made part of their mission to help other families honor their children with Cuddle Cot donations made in their name, and to provide families with the invaluable gift of time via more Cuddle Cots being accessible.
"It is our prayer for the parents using this Cuddle Cot that the memories they make holding their sweet babe, one day brings them joy." - Sarah and Clark



Precious son to Michael and Heather DeGrace, their one and only child Michael Carter was born into God’s loving arms on July 29, 2019. After four years of struggling to conceive naturally, Michael and Heather started IVF treatments in 2017. Five cycles later they were overjoyed to learn that they were finally pregnant with Michael Carter, conceived through IVF on March 20, 2019. It had been such a long road and they could finally see their rainbow. However, without any warning, in the fifth month of their pregnancy Carter’s heart stopped beating. 
“While the pain and shock of losing Carter so suddenly will be with us forever, we take comfort in being able to support other families through our cuddle cot donation” – Heather and Michael

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