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Every purchase you make will provide support and love to the recipient and adds funds to further our cause. As a 501c3 non-profit, run 100% by volunteers, we put every dollar made back into helping families of pregnancy and infant loss. All of our items listed follow one or more of this criteria: designed to provide comfort and support to a loved one of loss, therapeutically made by a loved one of loss, item/s of value that were donated to raise funds for our cause. Thank you in advance for choosing to purchasing from Our baby's Legacy. You are appreciated.



Our Heavenly Hug Memorial Animals give parents whose baby has gone too soon, the chance to hug and cuddle a comforting newborn sized stuffed animal, designed to preserve the memory of their babe and represent them in their present life. We recommend families include them in their family photos, travel with them, hold them swaddled in a special blanket they got to hold their angel baby in, or dress them in an outfit they would have purchased for their babe.
Whether it's the chance to hug their baby's ashes, feature this animal in their home to hold space for them, or benefit from the physcal effects of holding a weighted item while grieving, there are countless reasons what a parent or loved one of loss would love to have a Heavenly Hugs Memorial Animal.

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Our online store is a growing collection of meaningful items. Some provide families a chance to carry their babies memory with them in their lives, such as specially designed home decor and jewelry. We also have tools for comfort and gifts that someone outside of the loss can send to a bereaved family to show them support and that their baby matters and remembered.

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As an alternative to a physical gift, one of the most meaningful ways to remember and honor a baby gone too soon, and to support the family, is to donate in their name. Whether to acknowledge the child's birthday, a holiday, or other special date, giving one of these alternative gifts is a special way to say "we love you and are thinking of you" to the precious babes that are no longer with us physically.

For every $50, a Heavenly Hug Memorial Animal will be donated in the child's name, to one of our hospital partners to be gifted into the arms of a newly bereaved parent. Each animal comes with a 5x7 framable certificate with the baby's name being memorialized on it.

For every $300, the angel baby's names being honored will forever be part of a Cuddle Cot placement. A Cuddle Cot is a medical device we place in hospitals that allows parents to extend then length of time with their babies that have passed, before saying their forever goodbyes. Your or your loved ones baby being honored by your donation, will be written out on our website and a card given to each family that will make use of the Cuddle Cot. You will also receive a full size framable certificate to add to your home to hold space for your babe. 

In both cases, your child's name will be written, read, acknowledged and remembered!

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