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The grieving process is a life-long journey. For some it is a subtle tug on their heart strings when memories surface. For others it's a daily, all-encompassing pain that has remained constant. No matter where you are in your walk, we want to help you find healing and purpose.

"We cannot carry you in our arms, but we can carry you in the way we live out your legacy".
Creating a legacy in honor of your baby can soothe so many wounds......


So often we long for the opportunity to say their name and speak about our babes but feel awkward and uncomfortable trying to work them into a conversation. We worry that people think we "should be over it by now" and that they see us as frail, broken vessels. Creating a legacy in our children's names helps us speak about them. We have permission, always, to say their name loud and proud. Contributing to a project with Our Baby's Legacy gives us the platform and support to do so, especially when we are feeling defeated or insecure.

Image by Joshua Ness


Creating a legacy also allows us to see our baby's name written out. It might sound insignificant to others, but to us, it's one of the many small things that we miss out on day after day, just like moments from the first tooth to the first day of kindergarten. We don't often get the chance to see our child's name acknowledged. We carefully chose that name with lots of love. It means more to us than any other name because it's one of the few things we have that belongs to our baby. We won't know their favorite color or what their voice sounds like when they say “mom or dad", but we do know they are adorned with that beautiful name. 
"Your name is my favorite word".
Our Baby's Legacy has created ways for you to have your baby's name written out and recognized on important tools like Cuddle Cots and our Heavenly Hugs Memorial Animals. Your baby's name will forever be present on these and remembered by the bereaved that are comforted by them!

Image by Debby Hudson


Your baby’s story did not end when they passed. They were designed in your womb intentionally, they were loved, and continue to have purpose. In their memory, you can do great things for the loss community and make a life- long impact in the lives of others through your contributions. "I would trade it all to have my son back, but I do take great comfort in knowing that even through my pain, something good can come from it.... that in Davin's name, the things I do in his honor can help and comfort others in their darkest time. My sons life did and still does have so much meaning and purpose”. - Sarah Adams, Founder
By creating a legacy in your own child's name, you can know with certainty your child will always be remembered. All life, no matter how small or brief, makes an impact on this world. By contributing in their name, we hope you are full of pride.

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"Just keep on living until you feel alive again.”  For loved ones that are in the deepest parts of grief, we may question why we want to continue. Grief has a way of taking the joy out of life. We may lack motivation to take care of ourselves physically or to interact with the rest of the world. Miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss also can put life into perspective. Jobs, hobbies or relationships may suddenly feel purposeless. With the weight of grief and lack of passion, our lives can become a slippery slope leading to further heartache and losses.

"Give to others and you will receive." - Luke 6:35. Giving back and making an impact have the power to bring excitement into your life. It most certainly won't take away all the pain but when we do good, we feel good. "After our son was stillborn, I couldn't go back to work because of my emptiness. I spent many weeks lying on the couch binging Netflix and holding my son’s weighted bunny. I longed to hold Davin, love up on him, and physically express my maternal instinct to care for him. I began to hand-craft weighted stuffed animals for other bereaved parents. From this act of doing something good for another hurting parent, I received just as much healing as the recipients did from the stuffed animals. A year after our loss, I was through the worst of the grieving, but I still struggled to feel excited or driven for the things that I used to love. Then I founded Our Baby's Legacy, and for the first time in over twelve months, I felt alive again. A close friend even told me  she noticed I now have a pep in my step and I light up when I talk about it". - Sarah Adams, Founder

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Join Our Baby's Legacy in providing tools for comfort. Help build our support community & join us in creating a legacy in honor of our children.

Whether it’s a small donation once a year when their angel-versary hits, or you embark in a bigger endeavor like helping us provide a Cuddle Cot to a hospital in need, every little bit counts for both you and our benefactors.

 "Tears of grief are just love with no place to go.” 

Our prayer for you: May you receive healing, hope, passion and purpose amid grieving your precious and unforgettable babe. When you join us on this mission you will make a lasting, positive impact on the community for pregnancy and infant loss.

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