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What are they?

When experiencing a loss, there is little to no time to create memories and keepsakes, things that a broken hearted parent and loved one will ache to have long after the baby is gone.

A special blanket to hold and wrap their babe in can be a lovely way for the parents to feel like they are caring for their sweet child, during the few moments they may have together. It can also create a special keepsake to be held and loved on after saying their goodbyes, especially knowing that it physically touched their baby.

The problem is, many hospitals only have their standard, generic swaddle blankets to offer parents, and they are so large that they don't accommodate the size of a very small baby lost through miscarriage or early stillbirth.

Eleanor's Blankets Of Love are special hand made blankets, knitted together with lots of love in honor of an angel baby, Eleanor. They are given to parents during their loss in hospital, to hold their small child in and to be a keepsake to hold onto for a lifetime.

Made of soft yarn, in a variety of colors, we provide several sizes as small as 15"x15" and as large as 25"x30" blankets. This way no matter how tiny a baby is, the parents have something appropriate and cozy to cuddle them in.

Together with Our Baby's Legacy, they are distributed to hospitals that would otherwise not have something like this to offer to parents who lose their child there.

Eleanor's Blankets of Love: Text

What inspired them?

"My daughter Eleanor Jane Uskuraitis was born into this world sleeping on January 16th, 2020. In attempt to manage my grief, I really wanted to do something to help make a difference in the loss community. I began reaching out to friends to help me knit, and together we started making these sweet blankets for babies that are born into this world sleeping. I wanted to make sure that my daughter's name would be remembered so I decided to name them "Eleanor's blankets of Love". Creating this legacy for my daughter gives me and my husband comfort. I hope that having access to these keepsake blankets give other families comfort as well, and knowing that it is helping others in their own grief has helped me deal with the loss of Eleanor."
-  Thea Uskuraitis, Eleanor's Mom

Eleanor's Blankets of Love: Text

How can you help?

There are a few ways you can help this mission.

One is to Contact Us to let us know if your hospital does not have a solution like this. We want these to be available to more places.

Another way is to mail us yarn. Maybe you've found some lovely bundles on sale, or so often people have a stock pile for an intended project that they never get to. Just keep in mind, we can only accept new or like new from smoke free pet free homes please. "6 gauge" yarn is ideal for the coziest of blankets, and any colors will be greatly welcomed. Please no wooly type materials as they are not ideal for angel babies delicate skin.

Mail to Our Baby's Legacy PO Box 5343 Lancaster Pa 17606

You could also make a donation, every bit helps! 

Eleanor's Blankets of Love: Text
Eleanor's Blankets of Love: Text
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